• 10.26.17

  • 9.10.17


    A couple weeks into a residency at StarWorks in Star, North Carolina I'm going through recent pieces to decide what will be going in the next bisque and what will get tossed to the bucket for reclaim...

  • 7.12.17

    its been a quiet few weeks...june was a blur with the woodfire conference co-hosted by Starworks and the North Carolina Pottery Center. it was an intense few weeks of kilns firing, volunteering around Star, and then transitioning to teaching summer clay camp at the NCPC. but currently im back in new hampshire scoping out the scene in new england and prepping for another residency starting in August. i was accepted to the program at Starworks down in Star, NC and am very excited to join the crew there for what will be a very busy and exciting few months. looking forward to getting back in the grind!

  • 5.10.17


    only part way there. the clay is fired and ready, but now i need to build a rack for it. thinking about oil tanks, drums and storing resources. vessels speak.

  • 5.1.17


    A few mugs from the Starworks noborigama kiln. I helped fire the kiln for Firefest in April and found a few promising results from each of the three chambers. The front chamber gives nice ash and flashing being right in the firebox, the middle chamber had good reduction for glazes, and the third chamber - a salt chamber - saw my favorite pieces.
    I have been developing my use of clay body, slips, glaze, and atmosphere in unison to work the surface of the vessels much like i approach a painting - from thin to thick. Much to consider as the variables can get out of hand...

  • 4.1.17


    This week I fired the noborigama kiln at the north carolina pottery center. It's been a good seven months so far in seagrove learning many of the nuances of woodfiring while gaining confidence with my pottery. It's been stimulating to pursue conceptually driven projects while developing my hand for table wares and vessels. Though the differences between craft practices and conceptual art may be present in the standard discourse and art historical rhetoric, those differences are mostly driven by class, markets, and contradictory values. It is my intention to use this space as medium and drive the conversation further exploring the nature of contradiction, lack, and negation. Making objects and spatial interventions forms the micro-architecture of a cultured experience. This process and practice become a valuable research method of social and cultural (re)production.

  • 1.22.17


    The Land(ing), a solo exhibition of new sculpture and installation, will run from February 13th until March 24th at both the AsIs Gallery and the Gallery at the Art and Music Library, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY.

    On February 14th I will be giving a public lecture at Rush Rhees Library from 4 until 5 with an opening reception following until 7 at the AsIs Gallery.

  • 12.29.16


    it's a mixed bag

  • 12.18.16

  • Clay Talks!

    I'll be presenting a slide talk at the North Carolina Pottery Center January 5th. For more information you can check out their event page at http://ncpotterycenter.org/ncpc-events/clay-talks-with-owen-laurion/

  • 12.16.16


    political agency is difficult to achieve when our political agents don't want us to succeed.

    [ first in freedom (northcarolina) last in equality ]

  • 12.2.16

    I'll be joining the Randolph Arts Guild for their annual Artist Hang-Up Exhibition. I've included three pieces from the most recent noborigama firing - it's always nice to see work under good lighting! They're hosting an opening reception Tuesday, December 6th from 5:30 - 7:30 at the Sara Smith Self Gallery in Asheboro.

  • 11.15.16

  • 11.7.16

    We're getting ready to fire the noborigama kiln here at the NCPC this weekend! We'll be firing with quite the crew of area potters - Kirsten Olsen, Bill Jones, Katherine Maloney, Erin Younge, Abby Barringer, Jared Zimmer and Levi Mahan. Looking forward to some packed chambers and serious variety!

  • 11.5.16

  • 10.22.16


    A week after firing the groundhog, still sorting out the work. With a mix of sculpture and functional wares theres lots to consider. Getting ready to fire the NCPC noborigama though in only a couple more weeks. Group firing on the 5th of november...

  • 10.14.16

  • 10.2.16


    "looks like work"

  • looking forward to an upcoming solo exhibition in february of 2017, the gallery at the art & music library at the university of rochester

    opening dates and details to follow....

  • 9.8.16


    ive been using clay from Starworks which is just down the road from the NCPC. glad to be testing several types of glazes, both functional and non-functional, so soon

  • NCPC groundhog

    NCPC groundhog

    assisting Seagrove potter, Chad Brown into the early morning hours

  • North Carolina Pottery Center

    North Carolina Pottery Center

    the intrigue of potential - starting the groundhog kiln in the morning